Craft Workshops

We offer a range of bespoke story making and craft workshops to local schools and community groups. Please contact us for more information on our bespoke workshops.

School Story Making and Craft Workshops 1

 “Our children at Burneston C of E Primary School thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Jennyruth Workshops. The Workshops gave the children an opportunity to explore the theme of Pentecost through fun activities while learning about working together. We would like to thank Jennyruth Workshops for all their hard work and for bringing Pentecost alive for our children.”

Jane, Head Teacher.

School Story Making and Craft Workshops 2

Together with pupils from a local special school we created items for a big frieze for one of the school display areas. We based the workshop on a story ‘Rabbityness’ which we used to explore the theme of friendship and colour.

School Story Making and Craft Workshops 3

A collaboration between King James School and Jennyruth Workshops culminated in 2 workshops at Jennyruth Workshops supporting their topic ‘Worlds’. The pupils designed and helped cut out an alien and small planet each as well as decorating a large wooden planet.

“…thank you for inviting us to Jennyruth Workshops, I had loads of fun. Faye…thank you for saying I was good at drawing and painting, that made my day. The day out was one of the best days out of my life. I am so pleased that we did it on wood because we can keep them and I will remember this incredible day”

Year 7 pupil

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