In the Workshop

Our workshop comprises of an office, paint workshop, sewing room, metal workshop, wood workshop, storage facilities and despatch from which our workers produce a wide range of hand crafted wooden, sewn and metal gifts. From toys and games to household and garden products, we produce something for all the family. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products and each item produced is subject to strict quality checks before it is sold.


'We paint lots of different products that customers have ordered. I like doing the detail painting especially on decorations and card shapes. I really enjoy painting keyrings.'

Lucy, Worker


'We build products out of wood using the laser cutter and scroll saw. We also use tools to make everything from bee homes to garden sheds. I enjoy doing woodwork especially sanding and using the laser cutter.'

- Ryan RWorker

Card Making

'We make cards in the mess room for Christmas, Birthdays, Easter and lots of other occasion. I like choosing the colours and gluing the card shapes onto the cards.'

- Ryan HWorker


'I'm in charge of doing the In and Out sheets in the Office. This is where I use my computer skills. I enjoy making cards on the computer.'

- JonathanWorker

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