Our workers are adults with learning disabilities living in and around Ripon, North Yorkshire. They work in a positive, friendly and happy environment with dedicated staff supporting them. In house training sees our workers gain communication skills, first hand work experience and everyday life skills.


As well as working on all aspects of producing a range of everyday products; from sourcing materials, joinery, painting, sewing, metal work, packaging, quality control, dispatch through to marketing and selling, our workers are trained in every day life skills such as meeting new people, gaining the ability to socialise, dealing with money and managing time.


Workers feel a sense of belonging to the workshops and feel ownership of the products they make and sell, bringing them confidence and self belief.

Develop life skills

Our workers are constantly developing new skills, not only in the workshops, but also when out and about in the community.

  • Selling products at craft fairs, open days and markets throughout the year.

  • Giving regular talks to local groups and schools on what we do at Jennyruth Workshops.

  • Conducting tours around the workshop.

  • Organising and running fund raising events like coffee mornings, and sponsored walks.


We also seek to give back to the community by working with schools, churches, community groups and local businesses within Ripon and surrounds.

Build up independence

Our workers move through a path of progression suited to their ability. There is a full formal annual review with regular updates throughout the year involving:

  • Assessments

  • Ongoing supervision

  • Discussing work formally and informally


From this, their next realistic step from the staff and worker’s point of view is realised. Depending on their starting point, this progression leads to a number of outcomes such a reduction in supervision and being able to support their fellow workers in tasks.


Whatever the outcome, our workers gain real life skills which see them grow in independence and happiness.

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