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Bat Box

Bat Box


These are made to order so will take up to 28 days to be despatched.

Bat boxes encourage bats into an area where there are few roosting sites and provide female bats with a safe and warm place to raise their young.

  • Care and Siting Instructions

    Thank you for purchasing a Jennyruth nest box from our habitat range. All our boxes, apart from the bat box, have been painted on the outside only with a water based, animal friendly preservative.

    Bat Box

    Place your bat box as high up as possible so it is safe from cats. It is best to put it on a tree but you can attach it to the sides of buildings. Ideally put up three boxes per tree facing north, south-east and south-west as bats will use the boxes at different times of the year. Make sure there is a clear flight path to the box.

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