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Bespoke Butterfly Box

Bespoke Butterfly Box


Approx 47 x 30 x 23 cm

Please let us know what colour you would like for the main body of the Butterfly home and the roof. Bespoke designs are made to order so will take up to 28 days to be despatched.


  • Care and Siting Instructions

    Thank you for purchasing a Jennyruth nest box from our habitat range. All our boxes, apart from the bat box, have been painted on the outside only with a water based, animal friendly preservative.

    Your nest box should be put up to face between North and East to avoid strong sunlight and the wettest winds unless there are trees or buildings to shade the box.

    Tit boxes

    Tit boxes should be fixed between two and four metres off the ground either up a tree or on a wall. Make sure there is a clear flight path to the nest.

    Robin boxes

    The open-fronted robin boxes need to be placed low down, less than two metres above the ground and well hidden in vegetation.

    Butterfly boxes

    These are intended to provide a shelter for butterflies and other similar insects during the summer months. Site these near to butterfly friendly plants such as buddleia. You can open the box and fill it with straw or an egg carton to provide more shelter for insects.

    Bat boxes

    Place your bat box as high up as possible so it is safe from cats. It is best to put it on a tree but you can attach it to the sides of buildings. Ideally put up three boxes per tree facing north, south-east and south-west as bats will use the boxes at different times of the year. Make sure there is a clear flight path to the box.

    Hedgehog home

    Place your hedgehog home in a quiet and sheltered corner of your garden preferably tucked under a hedge or shed or against a bank or wall and facing south. Put in a handful of dried leaves to start the nest off.

    Unscrew the white plastic tube from under the roof. Place in hole on side of roof to provide fresh air for your hedgehog.

    Fixing your nest box

    Please use the metal fixing or battens provided as nailing a nest box to a tree may damage the tree. Attach the metal fixing/batten to the tree either by a strap threaded between the batten and the box or to a wall by putting a screw through the top of the batten.

    Cleaning your nest box

    In some nest boxes the bottom or side of the box can be opened to provide access. The box should be cleaned out once a year in October or November. It is recommended to use boiling water to kill parasites. Please do not use flea powder or pesticides, as these may cause harm to future birds.

  • Return Policy

    All customers have the right to cancel any orders within 14 days and can return goods for a refund under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation & Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.

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