Over the past year Covid has had a detrimental impact on many day services and social enterprises. Our local authority funding has not been affected, in fact our local authority has ensured we are able to keep operating, albeit remotely, by continuing to fund us. They have recognised the importance of what we do and how important it is that we survive the economic impact of Covid. There is however a large deficit caused by cancelled fundraising events and sales events.



Through this survey we are hoping to get a large enough response that we can use the results in a press release to highlight the often forgotten areas of support available for adults who have learning disabilities or as we prefer to put it, adults who have additional learning needs through small, independent local charities.


We are aware that most of these opportunities come in the form of Day Services or Social Enterprises. These encourage independence, work and life skills and self-worth whilst supporting the adults’ additional learning needs. They provide adults with opportunities to develop key skills through training, educational courses or work experience. 

We are hoping that by doing this we can attract support from the private sector direct to the smaller charities themselves. If you are a small charity supporting adults who have a learning disability and would like your name mentioned in our press release, please do get in touch as this affects all of us and together we can achieve more. 


‘This important aspect of adult health and social care support is much overlooked in general and hasn’t had a sufficiently high enough profile in the media during the pandemic in my opinion and therefore can be ‘hidden from’ the general public. Adults with learning disabilities, their carers and the providers of care services can then become ‘forgotten about’.  And that is not okay!’ – Anonymous.


We are hoping that this survey followed by the press release will highlight how important it is that social enterprises not only survive but thrive.

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