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Thinking Thursday

Everybody Dance with Ripon Operatics

Where am I?

Joy has been exploring 3 mystery locations. Can you guess where she has been? 🤔🧐 For bonus points, Ian would like you to guess where he's visited lately...

Disney Daze with Ryan

Time for something magical with Ryan's Disney Daze ✨😊 What's your favourite Disney film? 

Bonus points if you know the name of the song in the background and which Disney film it comes from 😁

Victoria T's Time to Shine

It's all about fascinating facts for this episode of Victoria's Time to Shine 😊🤔🧐

Protect the Oceans

Protect the Oceans

Protect the Oceans

Watch Now

Protect the Oceans 🌊

This video is about my 16 year old cousin Jarryd, also known as Djumma, who lives in Umhlanga near Durban in South Africa. Jarryd has Downs syndrome and has become a local inspiration by clearing the beaches of plastic over there in order to protect the wildlife of the Indian Ocean. Along the way many people have been inspired to join his mission 😊Romario, a 6 year old boy cleans the beach every Friday after school, a friend of theirs called Niel de Boer got the military involved and a group of home schooled children used the plastic to create art. 


Jarryd would love you to share the different ways that you look after the environment. He would also love to see all your ocean inspired artwork. 🌊🐬🐟🦈🦀🐢🐋

Big hugs, Anna

Wildlife Photography

Hide and Seek with Anna and Linda

Workers' Wind Down with Tim Flanagan

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