Creativity, imagination and workmanship combined made me go to Jennyruth Workshops for a painted wooden backdrop for our police telephone box.


Thank you so much for the lovely items in my parcel, they are all absolutely beautiful. I love the dalmatian motif on the planters and the clocks and key rings are gorgeous. The quality of the work is exceptional.


I like to do the tea breaks at Jennyruth and I like all the staff and friends to support me. I enjoy doing woodwork and using the laser cutter to make wooden butterflies and ladybirds with Tony. I enjoy the paint shop where I sand and paint all the different products.


I should like to express our thanks for such a professional and informative presentation. Everyone was so impressed with Daniel, Jamie and Kirsty.


Thank you so much for the lovely garlands and crafts you made. I received lots of comments on how well made they were.


I am absolutely thrilled with my dustbin container. The workmanship and skill is top class.

Pupil from Forest School on work experience

Thank you for letting me work at Jennyruth Workshops. I really enjoyed painting.

Pupil at Queensway Primary School Yeadon

 Thank you for making our trees. We use them to do numbers and letters.


I enjoy everyday at Jennyruth and I love all the work we do. I spend a lot of time painting rainbow crosses and learning makaton to help talk to my friends.


It's great working here. I love the team work. I love the atmosphere. It is very rewarding on a lot of levels, particularly seeing our workers achieve something they thought they couldn't do; finishing a product and selling the result. I regularly see them gain confidence in what they do.


Jennyruth is my favourite place. I enjoy woodwork and painting my products. I go to talk to groups and I like to work on the show stalls selling our products. I like being responsible for special jobs which help me to be independent.

Care Support Worker of Sams

I think Jennyruth is a fantastic place. To see the workers start and completely finish a product is amazing. Seeing the looks on their faces is great. Sam really enjoys it very much and has progressed considerably since coming here.

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