Jennyruth Workshops is a registered charity and a social enterprise based in Ripon, North Yorkshire. We provide a productive workshop for adults with learning disabilities who gain work and life skills and a sense of pride from making and selling a wide range of everyday products. Any profit made from selling our products goes back into building up the Workshops for the public good.

A large number of volunteers and trustees are involved with the staff in the day to day running of Jennyruth Workshops and everyone works together as a valued team.

Our workers are involved in all stages of the process from the receipt of raw materials to selling their finished goods in an open, competitive market place.


We sell our products online, via a catalogue (telephone ordering) and at a cross section of fairs and events throughout Yorkshire.


We are funded through a mixture of active fundraising, social service funding, grants, profit from sales, charitable donations and gift aid. As a registered charity any income in excess of costs is re-invested in equipment and training our colleagues to allow our capacity to increase.

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