Jennyruth Workshops is a registered charity and social enterprise based in Ripon, North Yorkshire, where adults with learning disabilities are trained in a wide variety of skills. The workers produce and sell a range of quality gifts and products, developing craft skills in woodwork, painting, needlework, metalwork and card-making.

This is supported by a continuous and personalised training programme in numeracy, literacy, IT and communication skills.

Our workers are involved in all stages of the process from the receipt of raw materials to selling their finished goods in an open, competitive market place. We sell our products online, via a catalogue (telephone ordering) and at fairs and events throughout Yorkshire.


We are funded through a mixture of active fundraising, social service funding, grants, profit from sales, charitable donations and gift aid. As a registered charity any income in excess of costs is re-invested in equipment and training our colleagues to allow our capacity to increase.

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