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Jennyruth Workshops Ltd is a registered charity constituted as a Company Limited By Guarantee under The Companies Acts 1985 & 1989.


Jennyruth Workshops has a group of eight Trustees who are responsible to the Community and the Charity Commission for ensuring that the Charity is properly run and that our finances are managed correctly. We meet formally every two months with Nicky (our CEO) and one of the workers to keep ourselves up to date with the life of the workshops. We rely on our professional staff for the day to day running of the workshops and each Trustee has oversight of an aspect of the work such as finance, buildings, health and safety, safeguarding and forward planning for future years. The Trustees come from a wide variety of backgrounds including education, business, the voluntary sector and the church. Everyone is highly committed to Jennyruth Workshops and tries to visit regularly and attend special events.


We are very aware of the responsibility we carry for the amazing charity that serves so many adults with a learning disability their families and carers. We ensure that we maintain the vision that led Barrie and Sue Evason to set up the charity and preserve the wonderful ethos that is a very special part of Jennyruth Workshops.


Don Grundy, Chair of Trustees

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